Monday, 11 March 2013

Diary 11/3/13

I have finally finished my coursework. Eveything has been uploaded to my blog and put into different labels to make finiding what you want easier and quicker.

Diary 11/3/13

Unfortunately the video I recorded of me removing the background from a photo of my model is not working. I am running out of time so I am not sure if I will be able to upload it.

Evaluation/comments on my final product

When comparing my 1st draft to my final product I am amazed to see how much its developed and how much my ideas have come together.

I am happy with my front cover as the sell lines are all visable and the image stands out. I like the fact that I have used different fonts -these are century gothic and impact- as it allows each sell line to be eye catching. The thing I am not sure about is the button, I think it looks a bit to crowded on the right side of the page. Another thing I am pleased with is the house style as the colours really complement eachother making my magazine look proffesional.

My contents page took me a long time to complete as I wasnt sure about the layout I had done previously and there was a lot of white space that I had to fill. However now I feel it looks quite good, all the white space is filled with sellines and pictures. I like the way my pictures are set out, however I am worried that the page numbers given to the pictures wont stand out. Over all I feel my contents page is probably the weakest of my pages but it still looks presentable.

My favoruite pages are my double page spreads. I like these the most as I think they look attractive and creative. I love the pictures that I have chosen and feel they are really affective in inticing the audience. I have used a close up on my first double page spread as I want my audience to have direct eye contact with the artist so they feel included. I also like the second double page spread as it is quite fun and laidback. This tone is shown not only through the article but through the range of pictures I have included e.g. her lauging, dancing and smiling. This is a success to me as I wanted my double page spreads to reflect a laidback, fun tone.

Over all I am really happy with my final music magazine. :)

Diary 11/3/13

I am now in my frees finishing up my blog. I have uplaoded my final prodcut to my blog via and also uploaded my last evaluation question. I just need to evaluate my my final magazine now and make sure that my blog is complete.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? -Q1

XCLUSIVE music magazine

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Diary 10/3/13

I have finished all my evaluations and now just need to upload one of them, but I am going to do that tomorrow as I need the pictures of my magazine to put on the document. I also need to make and issue account which will allow me to upload my music magazine onto my blog in an actual magazine way. This will also be uploaded tomorrow. I am now going to tidy up my blog and make it look nice and presentable.